Hoosier Brew is about capturing the heart and soul of Indiana's craft beer industry. Over the past 15 years Hoosier beer has become some of the most respected and admired beer in the world.  Our goal with Hoosier Brew is to explore the culture, community, and industry that has grown over the last 25 years, and find out what makes Hoosier beer unique.

In partnership with the Brewers Guild of Indiana, we will travel the state and speak with brewers, patrons, enthusiasts, legislators, and anyone else who loves craft beer in order to find out just what makes Hoosier beer some of the best and highly sought after beer in the world.

Our goal is to discover just what makes Indiana beer and the culture that surrounds it unique in the world of craft beer.

Did You Know?

  • Similar to a family tree, Indiana has a brewers tree.  Almost every brewery in the state has a direct connection to John Hill and The Broad Ripple Brew Pub- which started the craft beer industry in Indiana in 1990.
  • In 1887 Indiana was home to 106 breweries.  As of this year we have finally caught up and surpassed this number with 110 breweries open currently.  We have more breweries than counties...
  • The beer will flow.  Starting July 1st brewing in Indiana can now brew up 90,000 barrels per year, previously the law prevented brewing more than 30,000 barrels while maintaining a tap room and microbrew status.

Preview: This is "A Taste of Brew". A small glimpse of what we're are doing here at Hoosier Brew.

The Filmmakers

Jonathan Hoyt is a graduate of the IU School of Journalism at IUPUI, and has spent the last few years working as a freelance journalist and filmmaker.

Mike Wolanin is an IU School of Journalism graduate and works as a photojournalist.